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10. KV-1
Soviet Union - 1939

With its thick armor and powerful gun, the Soviet heavy KV-1 tank shocked the German Army in June 1941 during Operation Barbarossa.  Virtually impervious to everything the Germans could throw at it, accounts persist of small numbers of KV-1 tanks holding up large German forces.  A host of problems like small numbers, poor maintenance, and low levels of training all limited the KV-1's impact on the campaign however.

(Build notes down at the bottom)

Tamiya #35372, 1/35 KV-1 Model 1941, Early Production

1/35 Tamiya KV-1
1/35 Tamiya KV-1
1/35 Tamiya KV-1
1/35 Tamiya KV-1
1/35 Tamiya KV-1
1/35 Tamiya KV-1
1/35 Tamiya KV-1
1/35 Tamiya KV-1

Kit #:  1/35 Tamiya #35372, KV-1 Model 1941

Decals:  Used decals provided by kit

Aftermarket Accessories:  Eduard #TP084, 1/35 KV-1 Mesh

                                          Panzer Art #RE35-128, Soviet Cylindrical Fuel Drums


Build Notes: 

The model was built out of the box with the following modifications:

  • Added Panzer Art resin fuel tanks mounted on scratch-built brackets.

  • Added Eduard photo etch engine deck screens.

  • Added resin bedrolls and tarps made from Milliput.


  • Primer: Mr. Mahogany Surfacer 1000

  • Basecoat: Soviet 4BO made from Marcus Nicholls’ ratio of Tamiya paints from Tamiya Model Magazine #137:

    • Olive Drab XF-62: 3

    • Buff XF-57: 1

    • Yellow Green XF-4: 2

    • Red XF-7: 1

    • Yellow XF-3: 1

  • Airbrushed highlights and modulation with basecoat lightened with a few drops of Buff XF-57 & Yellow Green XF-4.

  • Hairspray

  • Chipping of basecoat with tap water

  • Vallejo Satin Varnish coat

  • Decals

  • Pinwash: Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color Dark Brown

  • Build-up of dirt/dust on running gear, hull, turret, and tracks: MIG Ammo Heavy Mud Thick Soil & Splashes Turned Dirt.

  • Dust effects: Mig Pigments


Osprey Publications, New Vanguard #17, “KV-1&2 Heavy Tanks 1941-45”

- Schiffer Publishing, “Stalin’s Giants, KV-I & KV-II”

- Tamiya Model Magazine #137, Tamiya 1/48 KV-2

- Wikipedia, the online Encyclopedia

The model is based on this picture:

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